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Private Masterclass Course Revealing All My Top Real Estate Secrets

Private Masterclass Lessons Revealing All My Top Real Estate Secrets

That Have Allowed Me To Build My Dream Life

That Have Allowed Me To Build My Dream Life

Get My Insider Secrets That I've Never Publicly Revealed Before, My Exact Methods For Creating Fixed Income With Steady Cash Flow, My Strategies For Fast Capital Growth To Build Massive Wealth, In-Depth Tax Loopholes To Save Money, How To Add Value To Increase The Return On Your Investment, My Exit Strategies, And More...

This Masterclass was sold at upwards of $20,000 per person

What Will You Learn In The Private Masterclass Course?

  • My Insider Secrets That I've Never Publicly Revealed Before
  • ​How I've Successfully Timed The Market To Buy Properties At The Lowest Price
  • ​My Exact Methods For Creating Fixed Income With Steady Cash Flow
  • ​My Strategies For Fast Capital Growth To Build Massive Wealth
  • ​In-Depth Tax Loopholes To Save Money
  • ​Where And How To Find Properties To Get Great Deals
  • ​How To Add Value To Properties To Triple Your Investment
  • ​My Negotiation Strategies That Allow Me To Save Huge Sums On Every Deal
  • ​Step-By-Step Process For Closing The Deal
  • ​My Exit Strategies To Sell Properties At Maximum Profit
  • ​And Much, Much More...

What Some Of The Attendees Had To Say...

“Learning how to evaluate what deals not to purchase. I think that's the biggest mistake most people make in real estate. I’m not a super real estate guru or anything, I’m just getting into it and I wanted to learn a lot. My biggest take away from the last day and a half is how to identify what not to buy, so I can stay away from the real problems.” 
Anthony Morrison | Internet Marketer
"I always wanted to get into the real estate game, but I didn’t know what to do. I was totally clueless. Here Manny gave me an exact blueprint, like a checklist, of exactly what to look for in every deal."
Sam Bakhtiar | CEO, Camp Transformation Center
“My biggest takeaway is the return on investment in the commercial side and opposed to the residential side, and the myths of residential as opposed to commercial. A lot of times you don't make a move because of fear and this settled all that.”
Sam Osei | Automotive Industry
"My biggest takeaway is the different types of real estates you can get into. There’s some that you can hold, you exit in 2-3 years and make good money. Then there’s other investments that are just turn key, or making cash flow."
Steven Mayer | Consultant & Investor
What's Included In The Course?

Section 1: Timing The Market

This is a full walkthrough on my strategies to catch trends and time the market so you get the best deals on your investments. In many circumstances, if you acquire a property at the right time, it's value can increase without you doing anything to it simply because of the market cycles. In this training you'll learn when to buy, what to buy, when to scale, and when to exit.

Section 2: Cash Flow Properties

It's never been more important to have multiple sources of income. In my opinion, real estate is the best way to do this. Throughout my 28+ years of experience, I've created a list of 9 criteria I follow when purchasing a fixed income property for monthly cash flow that you will learn in this section.

Section 3: Value Add Properties

I've built the majority of my wealth from timing the market, buying properties with great value add potential at low cost, adding value to them, and selling them for a much larger profit. In this section you'll learn my 10 criteria for value add properties that teach you how to identify whether or not a property is a great fit within a matter of minutes.

Section 4: Tax Benefits

Real estate is one of the best tax shelters available. In this section, you'll learn how to avoid paying taxes on your capital gains when selling properties, the large list of tax write-offs that real estate provides,  draw on your properties equity tax-free, and much more.

Section 5: Finding Properties

A common question I get... Where do I find all the great deals on the properties I buy? In this section, you'll learn my 6 top resources for finding properties (both residential and commercial) to find the best deals available in any market.

Section 6: Once You Find Your Ideal Property

So you found your ideal property... Now what? In this section, I take you through step-by-step what you need to do when you find your ideal property to help you avoid common mistakes that many investors make.

Section 7: Due Diligence

Many real estate investors skip proper due diligence before closing on properties, leading them to overpay and discover costly needed expenses after closing on the deal. In this section, I lay out a step-by-step due diligence checklist to perform before closing on any property to avoid costly mistakes and give you powerful negotiating power to drive down the purchase price (allowing you to make much more money on the buy).

Section 8: Negotiation Strategies

Only in very few circumstances have I ever purchased a property at the full asking price. When combining my due diligence checklist with negotiation strategies I've developed over the last 28 years, you will be fully equipped to drive down the price and get a great deal on your properties.

Section 9: Closing On The Property

Closing the deal can be one of the most daunting (and also exciting) parts of the process. In this section, I'll show you everything that needs to happen for you to confidently close on the property and start (or scale) your real estate portfolio.

Section 10: How To Add Value

My favorite part of real estate... adding value! In real estate, that are many ways to add value at low (to no) cost while still exponentially increasing the value of the property so you can sell at a much higher price. In this section, you will learn all my top value add strategies.

Section 11: Exit Strategies

Exit strategies are another term for your big pay day! In these Masterclass recordings, you learn all my top investing strategies from A to Z, and it ends with the exit. In this section, I'll teach you everything you need to know to successfully exit the property to capitalize on profits and avoid costly mistakes.

BONUS: Case Studies

As a bonus, I'll take through multiple of my most successful case studies in the past where you'll learn about properties I've bought, everything I did to add value, and how I sold them for huge profits!

More Feedback From The Masterclass...

“Manny gave us his processes and templates. He didn’t hold anything back, he told us exactly; “this is my process for due diligence,” “this is my process for research,” “this is my process for sourcing properties.” To have the exact things right there, nothing left to chance, just the ability to know what to look for, what to do when you find the thing.”
Nicholas Kusmich | Facebook Ad Agency
 “My biggest takeaway is how you can cost segregate a lot of the depreciation from commercial real estate. Manny is just an overall mastermind.”
Raul Labarca | Real Estate Investor
“The greatest takeaway for me was just knowing a proven system and a formula. It’s not rocket science. Once you have a proven plan and a formula, and you know the right people, its definitely something you can accomplish.”
Michael Najar | Real Estate Agent
"No matter how successful you are, it is best to listen to the experts. Listen to the people who have been very successful in doing what they do, and Manny is the best.”
Iris Lagrimas | Owner, Mortgage Company


Will This Work In My Country?

Yes, while there are a few references specific to the United States, the strategies and frameworks taught in these recordings work in any market and any country.

How much money do I need to get started in real estate?

You can get started as a real estate investor with only a couple thousand dollars depending on the loan that you qualify for. Many people think you need a lot of money to get started in real estate investing but this is not the case - it all comes down to getting pre-qualified for a loan and finding the right deal which you will learn. There are also strategies to get started with none of your own capital which is discussed as well.

Are These recordings only for experienced investors?

Attendees at this Masterclass event were both looking to just get started and also very experienced investors. The tactics in these recordings are my top strategies that are taught in a way that is easy to understand and implement so the information can apply to anyone at any experience level.

Are these recordings only for commercial real estate?

The strategies laid out apply to both residential and commercial. You will get an inside look at my mindset and all my criteria when it comes to investing in properties which can be applied equally to both residential and commercial.

Hear From More Masterclass Attendees...

“Before this event my expectation was at a lower level, and now it's on the roof. I just don’t see anything as not possible. I can do stuff, I can go for it, grind for it, hustle for it everyday and I can make it happen because this is the result.” 
Behnood Dalaei | Loan Officer
“Everything I expected, more than exceeded. I do have action plans in terms of moving forward, and Manny has provided that. The materials Manny presented, it's no fluff. It’s intimidating and I get it. But if you go in with an open mind, don't be on the fence or you’re wasting time.”
Denise Siu | Real Estate Investor
“This gave me the ability to understand that all of this is possible. A lot of times when you’re growing up you think that accumulating wealth and becoming rich is magic, and then when you see people do it and you see people break down what they’ve done and what works for them, you start to understand that it's possible.”
Ameen Poonja | Restaurant Owner
“One of the most pivotable things that I could have done is to be here for my investments and future lucrative things I want to do with my husband. Taking that information and then being able to pass it onto my clients and to all of our investors. There’s some really awesome information, like reverse 1031s.”
Avisha Kassir | Real Estate Broker
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